Nexta Tech is a new industrial project specializing in the development and production of professional wireless systems for lighting control, smart automation and energy saving. With more than 40 years’ experience in electrical installation and 10 years’ in electronics production, Nexta Tech provides cutting-edge technologies for limitless applications in several sectors such as the architecture – design industry, building automation.

With rapid installation and great flexibility when planning new and existing systems, a Nexta Tech wireless system dramatically reduces long cable lengths and ensures reliability of control thanks to the powerful signal filtered with ISM (industrial, scientific, medical) technology that gives increased wall penetration. Nexta Tech controllers enable wired control to be retained along with radio control, interfacing with buttons and switches on the wall.

Maximum comfort for the user thanks to control via portable radio controls. Relaxing spaces with regulation of the intensity and colour of the light. Energy saving with timed activation and dimming of the light. Easy integration of Next Tech modules with the existing system means fast stand-alone solutions can be created as well as more complex installations with dozens of devices.

Electronically controlling a lighting system means optimizing the use of light sources, further exploiting natural light, regulating the activation and brightness of devices based on practicality and the security required in the area.

Create lighting scenarios, produce static or dynamic RGB colour effects by adjusting their shades and the speed of the cycle, control the instant or gradual switching on of one or more light sources, synchronise the dimming of several lights, assess ambient light and maintain the desired light intensity within a room, set the white light temperature to make an object or display area stand out. All of this can be in wired or wireless mode, for perfect integration in the architecture, so as to complete a design project that creates the perfect atmosphere for every space.

Dimming is the manual or automatic electronic adjustment of the intensity of the light. Using dimmers in your lighting set-up not only optimises consumption, exploiting any natural light in the room during the day, it also allows you to create both static and dynamic lighting effects, the former creating pleasant spaces, which allow the eye to relax, and the latter being used when turning on and off the light source. Nexta Tech dimmers have two specific functions; FADE SET, which allows you to choose the fade in and out times (0, 0.5, 2, 4, 10 seconds), and SOFT CLOSE 1H, a fade-out option which takes one hour – ideal for fading out the light when you go to bed.

Nexta Tech sensors communicate with each other to maintain a desired intensity value, to prepare the light setting in a particular room before the user arrives. or simply to light a room only when necessary.

The continuous research is the base of our work in order to develop reliable software and precise hardware. The 100% Made in Italy production and the internal R&D guarantee speed and flexibility in creating new products and OEM solutions.