Vexica presented by hugo neumann

Vexica is an independent UK manufacturer focusing on a range of innovative products for the flexible and linear diode market.

Vexica has recently presented world firsts in LED hose technology.

Vexica has recently invested in state of the art facilities where product updates and new ranges have just been born.

Their latest brochure "Developments 2019" provides an overview of their expertise with the new Lumaera range, and details on their custom product design and manufacturing capabilities.

65% of their manufacturing is custom-made, either by modifying an existing product or by creating a totally unique offering to meet our customers' design requirements.

Core design skills include :

  • Electronic product design
  • 3D mechanical design
  • Thermal management of LEDs
  • LED driver and controller design
  • Wi-Fi Controls
  • Design of Wi-Fi applications and software

Their plant has added capacity in the area of encapsulation technology (with a state-of-the-art fully CNC-controlled robotic resin encapsulation system - the first production line of its kind in the UK), as well as a fully automated electronic "pick & place" production line capable of placing components on printed circuit boards with a capacity of 72,000 components per hour, enabling them to develop truly innovative products for the market. Vexica has a portfolio of registered designs and patent-pending technologies, with commercial distribution in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

In addition to their product portfolio, their new website offers a useful product configuration tool.

The company has also implemented an ERP system for manufacturing, accounting and sales control and is in the process of obtaining ISO certification from Bureau Veritas.