kundalini presented by hugo neumann


The Italian manufacturer KUNDALINI presents its new products in a completely redesigned 2021 catalog.

A vintage that will make history by the quality of the images of the applications of their creations.

The new products will soon be installed in our showrooms.

Stay tuned...

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Karman 2021 news by hugo neumann


Karman les nouvelles collections 2021 avec un catalogue général totalement nouveau !

Once is not usual, the Italian manufacturer KARMAN surprises us by unveiling its latest creations.

Subtle, soft, inventive, surprising, poetic are some of the words we could use to describe these new models.  We are not only presenting you with new products in a brochure, but directly in a brand new 2021 general catalog!  And as it is never enough, Karman unveils a new brochure for their outdoor lighting collection...

Karman amazes us, surprises us and makes us dream in a world of rough and contrasts.

Come and discover them by travelling for a few moments in the KARMAN world...

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Rispal présentée par Hugo Neumann en exclusivité en Belgique et Luxembourg


New forms and new shapes

For our pleasure and yours, HUGO NEUMANN has just signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Belgium and Luxembourg with the iconic RISPAL brand from Paris.

Our goal is to create a network of selected dealers who will be proud to pass on the magnificent history of this iconic French manufacturer such as Serge Mouille.

RISPAL's main objective is to reissue for the first time the iconic creations of the Rispal company. But we also want to make sure that the brand is part of the future with the edition of new models designed by Douglas Mont. Luminaries that respect the spirit and the historical DNA of the brand. As a tribute to the avant-garde of the Formes Nouvelles catalog.

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stop covid 19

UVC – UVA – Ti02 against virus?

For about a year now, some of our clients, specifiers, corporates and even decision makers from the public sectors, are asking us if we could propose some “labelled – patented” solutions using UVAUVC led light solutions.

As our Light Passion friends, we knew the technology, some of the “chips” producers, but none “Real Trustful Solutions Provider”.

After weeks of research, lectures, advices, meeting in person or with a lovely “Zoom-Team-Skype-WhatsApp…” We decided to sign agreements with Italian & French companies.  Thanks to those agreements, We may provide you some “trustful-labelled-patented & tested PRODUCTS”.

All those complimentary products compose the new “HUGO NEUMANN UVA-UVC Range of approved disinfection’s tools”, all developed, engineered, and produced in Europe!

We would be delighted to listen to your needs.  On the top of this, all those solutions are “Connected” in standard or, as an option proposed by our technical services with a CASAMBI ecosystem proposal.

If you are interested to discover those solutions, just come by.  We have all the range in demonstration.  And this, is better than a thousand words...

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tls exclusively distributed by hugo neumann

TLS International

Hugo Neumann is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive importer for the award-winning Canadian manufacturer TLS International.

Contact us to discover this brand that will delight event lighting professionals and lighting designers who are looking for a perfect integration in their design, an installation with a unique process without forgetting the perfect diffusion of light for all diffusing materials.

The direct visual and the curtain led screen are part of the many technical solutions.

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slamp 2021 présenté par hugo neumann


Le Millésime 2021 de Slamp vient de paraître

Slamp, the Italian manufacturer located in Rome, is gratifying us at the beginning of this year with a new book containing all their creations.

We invite you to contact us to receive your digital or paper version, according to your preferences.

In the meantime, discover it by clicking on the following image...

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light passion night tribute to italia by hugo neumann


You may know about our LIGHT PASSION NIGHT evenings. This year, we had to cancel the organization and the parties planned for the month of May with the arrival of the damned Virus...

Our passion, our desire to meet you again, our impatience to invite our best suppliers and present their latest lighting tools to you, was stronger than this anxiety-provoking climate!

On the 5th and 6th of October 2020, we organized, the LIGHT PASSION NIGHT "Tribute to Italy". Now, Freddy is no longer the only one who can say: "The Show must go on!". We can too and we did it with you!

More than 150 professionals from the world of Architecture came to discover our "No Covid Zone".

We would like to thank all those passionate about Technology, Art and Light for having participated in this event in person and not by Internet in front of their screen...

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design heure presented by hugo neumann


Hugo Neumann strengthens its offer with a renowned French publisher, Design Heure.  With the arrival of this world-renowned company, Hugo Neumann responds in a precise and professional manner to the expectations of specifiers who are looking for original and customizable lighting creations.  Design Heure offers tailor-made lighting solutions for you, the architects, decorators and lighting designers who wish to share the infinite creative possibilities that their customizable solutions provide.  French elegance, "Haute Couture" made in Paris, noble materials and fabrics, all favouring a short production circuit with a level of perfection rarely achieved.

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Septima revient grâce à louis Poulsen pour notre plus grand plaisir Une merveille de Poul Henningsen est de retour.

Septima by Poul Henningsen

PH Septima

Louis Poulsen brings back Poul Henningsen’s sophisticated seven-shade glass crown, based on the PH Septima 5 with optimized suspension and enhanced glass for better endurance and stability.  A timeless beauty is back...

septima exposé dans les showrooms de hugo neumann

When exhibited for the first time as a prototype at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art (called now the Designmuseum Danmark) in 1928, the poetic piece was publically applauded.

septima is coming back with louis poulsen

Today we have the great pleasure to announce that we will have a model on display in our showrooms very soon.

septima is coming back with louis poulsen

The PH Septima is regarded as one of Poul Henningsen’s most refined pendants.

septima is coming back with louis poulsen

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